For quite some time Harald has held a vision for a specialised venue focused on wine and food pairing. After considering various properties, he found an elegant old home in Hope Street (just around the corner from Aubergine). Finally he knew that he had found the right spot! And then the renovations began. Throughout the restoration process he has strived to maintain an authentic feel while bringing in some modern accents.

Another desire has been to establish a central maturation cellar so that all his wines can be stored in ideal climate controlled conditions in one place. The back portion of the house has been transformed into an expertly designed climate controlled cellar.

Aubergine has been Harald's platform for experimentation since 1996 and now he is extending his wealth of experience in pairing wines and foods to Auslese. Pairing is a complex and often highly personal choice, although there are some general principles and winning combinations. Wines and foods interact with each another on various levels and can enhance or detract from one other. It is possible to mutually enhance wines and foods through combining complementary or contrasting flavours. When pairing one should also match the weight and the acidity of the wine with that of the food. Harald believes that it is vital to treat each wine as an individual, taking into account it's character and the style in which it was made. When cooking for a wine, he feels one should respect the wine and reward its elegance with equally elegant food.

A perfectly paired wine and food combination not only enhances both elements, but also imprints a vivid memory.

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